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First comes the Online Auto Loan application. It's one of the shortest on the Web and takes just over a minute to complete. All your personal information is protected by encrypted servers while being processed and all stored information is protected by state-of-the-art firewalls.

Second, your application is pre-screened and filtered at our home office in Richmond, VA. and routed to the local loan officer nearest you. The local loan officer will be in touch with you to set a personal appointment at a time of your own convenience. People ask us why we only do loan meetings in person and the answer is simple -- it's the best (and only fool-proof) way to protect your private financial information.

Remember, we've been doing this for nearly 20 years, and we apologize if an appointment seems to be an inconvenience-- because we will never apologize for security measures. Without credibility, we're out of business.

Finally, with the financing nailed down, you're free to look at possible vehicles. If you're happy, you drive away (and in fact, most of our customers drive off in a new vehicle within 48 hours of applying). If you're not happy, you walk away. Never forget there is no obligation and there are no fees. All you have to do is apply. People tell us all the time they can't believe how fast they got a Car Loan. An easy one, too.

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So what happens when one car shows up over and over on expert best-buy lists? You talk about it. In this case, the Buick Regal.

Not exactly the hippest car in the world, but you can find a lot of model years between $5,000 and $10,000, and the 03 and 04 models have held up exceptionally well, according to reliability ratings at MSN autos.

If you want to something sportier, check out the Mazda 3 shown below. That car can be found for around $9,000, depending on options.

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