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In a world of Web sites all claiming to be able to safely handle your business, we want to let you know you have reached the oldest and most well-respected Online Auto Loan operation in the industry.

Long before there was a Web, an innovative car-dealing family in New Jersey came up with the idea of making it easier for people with bad credit to get an Auto Loan. To build their business, they turned to 800 telephone numbers; in January 1994 the U.S. trademark was granted for 1-800-auto-loan, and just a few short years later, this companion Web site followed.

That family dream is now known as the InterActive Financial Marketing Group. We're headquartered in a renovated tobacco warehouse in Richmond, Virginia, and we continue to mix big-company efficiencies with small-company virtues.

Please remember that while we specialize in Bad Credit Car Loans , we handle all types of credit, and by getting lenders to compete for your business, we can increase your chances of approval.

As you move toward applying, be sure to read about our online auto loan process and be sure to read the minimum bad credit history car loan requirements.

Bottom line: you can be driving something better within 48 hours.


New autos for bad credit customers:
The cheapest new cars on a car lot are the smallest ones, and since they are so good on gas, they've been in demand lately.

The Chevy Aveo has long been the market's cheapest car, though the Smart Car can compete with that depending on options. The Kia Rio (and Hyundai Accent, which is basically the same car) are the highest-rated subcompacts by J.D. Power and can rival the Aveo in price.

Small is beautiful. A new car getting 10 mpg more than the old one will give you 10-12 percent of your car payment for free (through the gas savings).

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